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Are you ready to take on an 18 foot shark? Meet Hydro Attack – The ultimate blend of shark and machine.

Hydro Attack take you on an adrenaline-packed tour of stunning Lake Wakatipu, the world’s first tour operator of this unique submersible watercraft.

Experience the ride of your life as the boat’s 260hp supercharged engine accelerates from 0 to 80 kilometres per hour in 3.9 seconds. Throw in leaps of up to 18 feet out of the water, dives up to 5 feet below the water, a low centre of gravity, 90’ degree rolls and a few doughnuts and you’re on a heart-pumping roller-coaster ride.

Sit back in the state of the art, pneumatic-sealed cockpit and get ready to feel the G-forces as Hydro Attack’s friendly and highly skilled drivers give you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Hydro Attack can make your personalised one-on-one trip as mild or wild as you like. Push your limits flying above or below the crystal clear waters.

Earlybird Deals: 

Save cash by enjoying the earlybird morning special on the first trip of the day. Strictly 2 spaces available at each time slot. Maximum 4 people per day. Subject to availability so we recommend pre booking! Two time slots from 9:10am in Summer and from 9:50am in Winter. Times may vary throughout the year.

Why choose Hydro Attack?
Hydro Attack Queenstown is the first company in the world to offer commercial rides in the Seabreacher X Watercraft. Millions of people have watched YouTube videos of this unique craft and now you have the opportunity to take a ride in one and experience the thrill of diving and leaping in Lake Wakatipu for yourself! A ride in Hydro Attack is a one-on-one experience so our professional drivers can adjust their tour to be as wild or as mild as you want. It truly is an experience like no other.

How long does the trip last?
Please allow 30 minutes for the whole experience including check-in. You will need to check-in at the booking kiosk 10 minutes before your departure time.

Where do the trips depart from?
Trips depart from the berth at the Lapsley Butson Wharf, on the Queenstown lakefront by Earnslaw Park in central Queentown. Check in is at the booking kiosk on the lakefront in front of Patagonia Chocolates.

Where do the trips go?
Hydro Attack start the trip by cruising out of Queenstown Bay. Once past the marker the driver gives a run-down of which area of the lake you’ll be heading to based on the current lake conditions.

What should I wear?
Due to the cosy confines of the cockpit it is recommended you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes, particularly avoiding tight jeans or other trousers that restrict you from bending your knees and dress in layers as it can get warm in the cockpit. You may also need to remove your footwear as per the loading attendant or driver’s request.

Will I get wet?
The inflatable aircraft seal and thick acrylic canopy keeps the cockpit protected from the water and the weather, making Hydro Attack a great winter adrenaline activity. As they are a water-based activity there is the potential at times to get a small bit of spray or damp feet but nothing to worry about. Wet weather gear isn’t required to be worn in the craft, only the streamlined lifejacket we provide.

Is there a minimum age?
Yes, the minimum age is 6 years old and a parent or guardian must check in with the child to sign a consent form. If you’re booking a trip for your child please note that the trip is one on one so it’s only suitable for kids who are confident away from their parents.

Is there a weight or height restriction?
Due to the cosy confines of the cockpit Hydro Attack need to make sure that all passengers can get in and out of the cockpit quickly and safely in the unlikely event of an emergency. Due to this there is a height restriction of 6ft 4’ and weight restriction of 110kg in place. If you’re around the height or weight restriction they encourage you to come down to the operating berth prior to booking so one of our team can assess whether you’ll be comfortable in the craft.

Is the trip weather dependent?
Yes. Hydro Attack can be weather dependent. Hydro Attack’s operation can be affected by high swell on the lake, rain or stormy conditions so we ask that you call our free phone number 0508 HYDRO ATTACK (493 7628) to do a weather check 1 hour before your trip departs.

Can I ride in Hydro Attack if I have an injury?
If you have any specific medical condition including a breaks or fracture or if you suffer from back or neck problems please advise us at time of booking so we can assess and advise whether we would recommend you doing the trip. Unfortunately, if you’re pregnant or have a serious heart condition we do not recommend that you ride in Hydro Attack.

How fast can the Hydro Attack Seabreacher X watercraft go?
The X Model is capable of 43 knots (80 km/h) on the surface and 22 knots (40km/h) under water.

Where can I put my belongings?
Hydro Attack have canvas bags to hold your belongings inside the check in area while you take your trip.

Can my friends or family watch as a spectator?
Due to the distance that we operate offshore it is difficult to watch. If they have a vehicle we can advise the best spot to observe your ride but please note that the craft won’t come that close to shore.

Can I bring my camera/phone on the shark?
Sorry, no loose items can be in your pockets or taken inside the craft during your trip as loose items can fall into the gears and you need to hold on securely with both hands while the boat is moving. Hydro Attack provide a secure location to leave your belongings while you’re on your ride. They also have digital photo and video packs available on DVD.

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