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The Kereru is the latest addition to Ziptrek Ecotours amazing adventures above Queenstown!

Find your wings and fly through the trees across two ziplines while learning all about the fascinating conservation story of Zealandia. 

Then get introduced to New Zealands native wood pigeon, the Kereru (pronounced care-re-roo) and learn how they drop down from the trees, before it's your turn...

Its time to leave the high platforms behind you and hold your nerves as you step off from a 21 metre platform and drop back down to the ground!

Perfect for all those ready to take their first plunge!


  • Tours run throughout the day, every day of the year
  • All tours include 2 separate ziplines and 1 drop
  • Guests are encouraged to wear suitable outdoor clothing
  • Guests are required to wear closed toe footwear
  • Sheltered platforms minimize exposure to the elements
  • Tours include light stair climbing and trail walking. Guests must be able to walk unassisted
  • Weight and age restrictions apply (see FAQ)

Guests check-in and meet their guides at the "Ziptrek Guest Services Treehouse", 100 metres to the left of the Skyline Gondola upper terminal.  All guests will be fitted with a climbing harness and helmet.

The ziplines are gravity fed, so guests do not have to worry about controlling their own speed. Two tour guides will accompany guests on their tour, one guide to connect (launch platform) and one guide to disconnect (landing platform) each and every guest.

The educational component provides a unique insight into the surrounding environment on both a local and global scale. Meanwhile, the ziplines and brand new drop provide an adrenaline rush like no other!


  • Ziptrek is an outdoor adventure activity and operates in all weather conditions
  • Reservations are strongly recommended
  • Guests are required to wear closed toed footwear
  • We encourage you to leave your personal belongings behind as you are unable to take a backpack or handbag on tour with you.


  • Child age is 10 - 14 years (Please advise at time of booking if your child is under 20kg/44lbs as they may be required to go tandem with our experienced guides)
  • Upper weight limit 125 KG
  • Guest must be a minimum of 15 years old to zip without a guardian
  • All minors (18 years and under) require a guardian signature on their waiver
  • 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Recent Injuries, Medical Conditions or Pregnancy: If you or anyone in your group has a medical condition or a recent injury please bring this to our attention. Pregnant woman are unable to go on tour.

For more information, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Kereru 2 Line & Drop:
Gondola ticket not included.

  • Adult $95.00
  • Child $95.00

ADD ON: Skyline Gondola Ticket [Valid until 30th June 2019]:
Gondola opens at 9AM year round.

  • Adult $39.00
  • Child $24.00

ADD ON: Gondola and 5 Luge rides [Valid until 30th June 2019]:
Luge track opens at 10AM. Allow at least 1 hour to complete Luge rides before or after your Ziptrek tour.

  • Adult $60.00
  • Child $50.00

How long is the tour?

The Kereru 2 line and Drop tour runs for 1 hour, the Moa 4-line tour runs for 2 hours and the Kea 6-Line tour runs for 3 hours. All tours run at regular intervals throughout the day. Check in time is 15 minutes before the tour is scheduled to start at the Ziptrek Tree-house. Please allow 40 minutes from the base of the Gondola to the Ziptrek Tree-house.

Is the Gondola pass included in the Ziptrek tour price?

The Skyline Gondola pass is not included and can be purchased directly from the Skyline terminal building on the day of your tour.

Are tours cancelled if it is raining or snowing?

Ziptrek tours run in all weather conditions.  Keep in mind you are entering a mixed alpine forest and whilst it does rain or snow, you are provided with some level of shelter through the tree canopy.  We also provide wet weather jackets and hats and gloves, if required.

Do I need to make a booking?

Reservations are essential. They book a maximum of 10 people on a tour and therefore can sell out quickly. In order to guarantee a place on tour at the time that will work best with you, please book in advance.

What are the age and weight restrictions?

The minimum age to participate in the Kereru drop is 10 years of age, for the Moa and Kea Ziptrek tours, it is 6 years of age
The minimum weight limit to participate in a Ziptrek Ecotour is 30kg (65lbs)
Guests under 30kg (65lbs) may zip tandem with a guide on the Moa 4-Line tour only. 
The maximum weight of a guest is 125kg (275lbs) 
Children (under 14yrs) must be accompanied on tour by a parent of guardian (someone at least 15 years of age)

Is this tour suitable for children?

The Kereru 2 line and drop is suitable for all the family and for children aged 10 years or older, the Moa and Kea lines (no drop) are suitable from 6 years old 
Children (6-14yrs) must be accompanied on tour by a parent or guardian (someone at least 15 years of age)

What type of harness do you wear?

Ziptrek has custom designed and manufactured harnesses, similar to the ones used for rock climbing. The harnesses are a five-point full body design and are lightweight, giving all guests the security they need and the freedom to move around when on the ziplines.

Can I go on Ziptrek if I am pregnant?

Pregnant guests may not participate in Ziptrek tours for their own safety and the safety of their unborn child.

How do you stop?

Ziptrek has an internationally patented braking system. They can safely stop riders no matter what the wind conditions, bringing them to a smooth and controlled stop before each treetop platform.

What is 'the drop'?

The Kereru drop is a controlled decent from a 21 metre platform. You are attached via a harness at all times, and will experience a small free fall when you step off the platform, before a controlled drop to the ground.

Where does the tour finish?

After the Kereru drop you then walk a short section of the Tiki Trail and finish back at the Zip Trek Station at the top of the Gondola. 

Can I take my camera?

Yes, if you have a camera or small video recording device you can bring it with you. We recommend they have a wrist or neck strap so that you can attach it to yourself when zipping.

Can I bring a backpack?

You will not be able to bring a backpack or any other baggage on tour with you.  You will be wearing a full body harness and backpacks will interfere with this harness. We recommend you leave your personal belongings at your hotel or at the Ziptrek camp street booking office in town.  A small item storage however is available at the Tree-house.

Can I watch the tour?

Guests will have the ability to accompany their friends and family to the Ziptrek Guest Services Tree-house. Once guests have checked in, there will not be an option for spectators to view the tour.

What should I bring?

As it is a few degrees cooler in the forest, we recommend that you dress with warm layers and for the conditions of the day. During the winter months, gloves, hats and warm coats are recommended. Closed toe footwear is essential on both tours. If you have a camera or small video recording device you can bring it with you.

Ziptrek 2-Line & Drop Location

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