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Making the DREAM OF FLIGHT a reality in a safe and fun environment.

When you go to iFLY get ready to be blown away - literally. It’s thrilling. It’s amazing. Experience the feeling of freefall as you float on a smooth cushion of air. There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. It’s just you FLYING in the heart of the world's adventure capital. Super fun, super safe and super cool.

iFLY Queenstown is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll fall in love with the sensation & the freedom that comes with floating on air and when you do, there’s a new & exciting sport of indoor body flight to become involved in.

Expert instructors show you how to take off and fly in iFLY's most technologically advanced body flying tunnels.

  • Great Wet Weather Activity
  • Open Evenings Til Late
  • Safe for Ages 5-105 Years
  • Fun for Beginners to Advanced Flyers

Check out Stacey's Blog on her iFly experience.

When do I need to arrive for my flights?

Your report time at iFLY will be confirmed to you via email once you have successfully completed a booking, you should report to the front desk at 27 Brecon Street, Queenstown AT LEAST 1 HOUR PRIOR to your flight time. Please do not be late as we hate to see people miss their flights and we are unable to offer refunds to people who arrive too late.

Can children take part?

Kids love it here! Seriously, we can fly anyone aged 5 to 105 providing you are in a state of reasonable health and fitness, and can fit into one of our flight suits and helmets.

Are there any health restrictions?

Anyone in a state of reasonable health & fitness from 5 to 105 can fly. There are a few exceptions which you should be aware of, but in general you can fly if you do not weigh more than 136kg (300lbs)*, are NOT pregnant, have NOT previously dislocated your shoulder and are NOT wearing a hard cast. We won't be able to fly someone under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs. If you have heart, neck or back problems, check with a doctor before you fly.
*If you're over 117kg (258lbs) just give us a call before you book, as some restrictions may apply.

Is there a weight limit?

Anyone with reasonable health & fitness can fly but our upper weight limit is 136kg (300lbs). If you weigh over 117kg (258lbs) but under 136kg, give us a call before you book, as some restrictions may apply.

Is there parking on site?

Limited parking is available on-site, including mobility parking. There are also several other parking options in and around our site at 27 Brecon Street, and Man Street Carpark is just a very short walk away.

How long is a flight?

We replicate the skydiving experience and offer flights which are about 1½ times longer than a tandem jump. So each flight is about a minute, often a bit longer but never shorter than 50 seconds.
A double flight is about 120 seconds long. Please remember we are selling the exhilarating indoor skydiving experience which should never be measured in terms of time! It may not sound long, but as a first time flyer, like most high-adrenaline experiences, it will seem much longer during the experience itself.

Is it difficult to breathe in the wind tunnel?

No, it’s just like breathing normally actually… there is no specialist breathing equipment required. Just relax and breathing will come naturally.

If you do suffer from any breathing difficulties such as asthma, don’t worry. In most cases you’ll still find flying a comfortable experience and be able to breathe normally.

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