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Bungy Thrillogy is the ultimate Queenstown Bungy thrill! Combine the legendary AJ Hackett adventures for an epic day out (or two) in Queenstown.


Nevis Bungy:

  • New Zealand's highest Bungy jump
  • Jump from a highwire cable car 134m
  • Massive ground rush - 8.5 seconds (or a lot of swear words)
  • Private mountain access road - 4WD Only – must go on Bungy transport

Nevis Swing:

  • The World's Biggest Swing!
  • 300m Arc
  • 70m Free fall
  • 120m Rope length - That's longer than a rugby field!
  • 160m Above the river
  • Private mountain access road - 4WD Only – must go on Bungy transport
  • Can be done in Tandem

Nevis Catapult:

  • World’s Biggest Catapult
  • Propelled 150m (492ft) across the Nevis Valley
  • Speeds of 100kph (62miles) in 1.5 seconds
  • 134m (524ft) high above the river

Kawarau Bungy:

  • World's 1st Commercial Bungy Jump
  • 43m Jump off the historic Kawarau Bridge
  • Queenstown's Only Tandem Bungy
  • Bob above the water, touch it or get dunked!

The Ledge Bungy:

  • Located at the top of the Skyline Queenstown Gondola, 400m above Queenstown.
  • Twist-flip-dive, the possibilities are endless
  • Full Body Harness Jumps, allows Freestyle Bungy Jump options

The Ledge Swing:

  • Located at the top of the Skyline Queenstown Gondola, 400m above Queenstown.
  • Self-release - it's all up to you!
  • Rope style swing


  • Queenstown Bungy Thrillogy: Nevis Bungy, Kawarau Bungy and Ledge Bungy
  • Nevis Thrillogy: Nevis Bungy, Nevis Swing and Nevis Catapult
  • Everything Thrillogy: Nevis Bungy, Nevis Swing, Nevis Catapult, Kawarau Bungy, Ledge Bungy and Ledge Swing


  • Allow a Full Day - 2 Days
  • Activities can be split over as many days as you like as long as you complete your combo within 12 months.


  • Min 13 yrs - Max 110 yrs
  • Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult


  • Min/max weights do apply - Nevis Bungy 45kg/127kg. Nevis Swing 35kg/220kg. Nevis Catapult 45kg/127kg. Kawarau Bridge Bungy 35kg/235kg. Ledge Bungy 35kg/127kg. Ledge Swing 35kg/107kg.


  • You must wear secure, covered footwear.
  • Please dress warmly. Even on the warmest of winter days you should take a jacket and wear multiple layers. Long sleeves and long pants are recommended since the weather on site can be very different to that in town. 


  • When choosing the Nevis Bungy, Nevis Swing and/or Nevis Catapult, we recommend completing all these activities in one trip due to them being at the same location a 40 minute bus ride from Queenstown. However, this is not mandatory.
  • Combos cannot be split between multiple people.
  • Gondola ticket is not included for access to the Ledge Bungy and Swing.

Queenstown Bungy Thrillogy - All 3 Bungy Jumps [SAVE $210]:
Do all three Queenstown Bungy jumps including the Nevis Bungy, Kawarau Bungy and Ledge Bungy

  • Adult $475.00

Nevis Thrillogy: Bungy, Swing, Catapult [SAVE $210]:
All three Nevis Playground products including the Nevis Bungy, Nevis Swing and Nevis Catapult.

  • Adult $540.00

Everything Thrillogy: 3 Bungys, 2 Swings + 1 Catapult:
Throw yourself off all of the AJ Hackett Bungy Jumps, Swings and Catapult products in Queenstown.

  • Adult $905.00

ADD ON: Nevis Bungy Spectator:
Includes return transport from Queenstown to the Nevis Bungy (private access) plus getting harnessed up and going out to the Bungy Pod to watch.

  • Adult $50.00
  • Child $50.00

ADD ON: Gondola Ticket:
Get access to the Ledge Bungy and Swing via the Skyline Gondola, taking you 450 metres above Queenstown for epic views!

  • Adult $39.00
  • Child $24.00

ADD ON: Gondola and 5 Luge Rides:
Combine the Ledge Bungy experience with the Skyline Gondola and Luge!

  • Adult $60.00
  • Child $50.00

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