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The newest member of the Nevis Playground, get ready for an insane ride on the biggest and most extreme catapult in the world!

You’ll be propelled 150m (492ft) up and out across the Nevis Valley, experiencing up to 3Gs of force as you reach speeds of almost 100kms (62miles) an hour in 1.5 seconds flat. A hair-raising drop will have your blood pumping and you’ll be screaming for another hit! 

Now sitting alongside the Nevis Bungy and Nevis Swing, this is a world-first adventure tourism experience not to be missed!

Quick Facts:

  • World’s Biggest Catapult
  • Propelled 150m (492ft) across the Nevis Valley
  • Speeds of 100kph (62miles) in 1.5 seconds
  • 134m (524ft) high above the river


  • Return Transport (compulsory)
  • Catapult
  • Certificate & Authentic Catapult T-shirt


  • Min 13 yrs - Max 110 yrs
  • Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an adult

WEIGHT: Min 45kg - Max 127kg


  • You must wear secure, covered footwear. 
  • Please dress warmly. Even on the warmest of winter days you should take a jacket and wear multiple layers. Long sleeves and long pants are recommended since the weather on site can be very different to that in town. 


  • Trips depart daily from 9.20AM – 2.40PM.
  • Check-in 30 minutes before departure at the Station Building, Shotover Street, Queenstown.

DURATION: Allow 4 hours round-trip.


  • The Nevis Catapult is located on private land and is only accessible by our 4WD buses.
  • Buses depart the Station Building in the centre of Queenstown.


  • * NZ Student rates – valid NZ Student ID must be provided upon check-in.


  • Spectators are welcome to accompany the participant throughout the whole experience. Cost for spectators is $50 including transport.

Nevis Catapult:

  • Adult $255.00
  • NZ Student* $225.00

Nevis Catapult & Nevis Bungy [SAVE $100]:
Combo up this newest thrill with the famous Nevis Bungy.

  • Adult $430.00

Nevis Catapult & Nevis Swing [SAVE $100]:
Combo up this newest thrill with the famous Nevis Swing

  • Adult $375.00

Nevis Playground Thrillogy - All 3 Nevis Activities! [SAVE $210]:
Nevis Catapult, Nevis Bungy and Nevis Swing. Do it all!

  • Adult $540.00

Add On: Nevis Catapult Spectator::
Includes: Return Transport

  • Spectator $50.00

Nevis Catapult Location

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