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No Queenstown holiday would be complete without taking in the breath taking and panoramic views afforded by the Ledge. Uniquely positioned at the top of the Skyline Gondola, the Ledge Bungy provides a true example of the ‘up-for-anything’ Kiwi attitude.

The Ledge Bungy is one of the most versatile adventure attractions in Queenstown; fling yourself off the edge of our platform high above Queenstown any way you want. If it sounds slightly crazy, that’s because it is. But what we do know is slightly crazy decisions make great stories!

Just a hop, skip and a Gondola ride from the centre of town, this is a great way for you and your family to get your adrenaline fill without having to venture too far, or take too much time out of your holiday in Queenstown.


  • Queenstown's only freestyle Bungy
  • 47 Metres High
  • 450 Metres above Queenstown
  • Epic Queenstown Scenery for that perfect photo!
  • Closest bungy to town, so if your pressed for time this is a great option.
  • Jumping over town makes for some of the best Queenstown action shots around.
  • Save yourself some money and walk up the Gondola, it only takes about 45 minutes!
  • Do it at night if you can, jumping into the black pit makes it twice as scary. [winter only]
  • With the freedom of wearing a full body harness rather than having your feet tied, this is the one to do if you've got the guts to try a running back flip.

What age do I have to be to Bungy Jump or Swing?

All Bungy Jumpers and Swingers must be at least 10 years old and 35KGS.

What are the weight and height restrictions for a Bungy and Swing?

There are no height restrictions on Bungy Jumping or Swinging.

Ledge Bungy - 35kg min/127 kg max
Ledge Swing - 35kg min/107 kg max

What is the difference between a Bungy and a Swing?

A Bungy Jump utilises AJ Hackett custom made Bungy Cords. After free-falling the cord stretches out to allow you to bounce a few times in an adrenalin fuelled but safe manner. Whilst the Swing attaches to you via wire cables and the Swing rope, swingers never bounce. After a short free-fall the wire or rope catches you and the sensation is the same as a roller-coaster and you will swing in a massive arc.

Do I have to wear shoes?

Covered footwear is mandatory for the Nevis Bungy. As for the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, The Ledge and the Nevis Swing, you may choose to wear shoes or go barefoot.

Can my friends and family come watch me?

The AJ Hackett Bungy sites have the capacity to host spectators, depending on which site it is there can be costs associated with spectating. The Ledge is accessed via Gondola, tickets from $26 per adult will apply.

Can I drive myself?

No... Te Ledge Bungy site is only accessible via the Gondola or Ben Lomond forest walking tracks.

How long does it take?

We recommend you to allow at least 2 hours for the Ledge Bungy and to explore the Skyline complex.

Do I need to book ahead?

We strongly suggest to all customers that they book at least 48hrs in advance for all activities to ensure that they secure a time and date that best suits them.

What's the difference between the Ledge Swing and the Nevis Swing?

Firstly, size is the main difference. The Nevis Swing is the World's Biggest Swing - it is a 70m drop that then swings in a massive 300m arc, hurtling you through the valley at crazy speeds. The Ledge Swing is a rope style swing of roughly 40m but located 400m above the magnificent Queenstown resort.

What's the difference between the 3 Bungy Sites in Queenstown?

The main difference is the size; the Nevis Bungy is almost 3 times higher than the Kawarau Bridge and The Ledge Bungy sites. The Nevis is our big one- 134m of pure adrenaline action, wearing a full body harness that attaches at both your waist and feet.

The Kawarau is the original - the only site that allows you to get wet if your heart desires and the only one where you are lowered down into a raft after your jump.  It is also the only site in Queenstown where you can tandem Bungy!

The Ledge Bungy is the only site where your feet are not tied- it is a full body harness jump that allows you do a freestyle jump, back flips, running off etc

Is the Gondola included for the Ledge Bungy?

Unfortunately, we do not include the Gondola ticket in the price of the Ledge Bungy or the Ledge Swing. However, we do offer a combo for the Ledge Bungy/Ledge Swing and 5 Luge rides including a Gondola ticket, which is a great alternative!

Can I jump if i have a medical condition? 

Please inform the AJ Hackett Bungy Crew if you have any of the following conditions: High & Low Blood Pressure, Heart Condition, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Fragile Skin, Neurological Disorder, Bone Disorder, Dislocations, Diabetes, Asthma, Prosthetics, Cosmetic Implants, Panic/Anxiety Attack, Recent Sprains & Muscular Injuries. These conditions do not necessarily exclude a person from Bungy/ Catapult/Swings. It is important for all customers to declare any of the above medical conditions when they check in. For any other pre-existing medical condition please talk to the expert Bungy crew and they will make an assessment on a case by case basis. Please bring any relevant written doctors’ advice with you.

Ledge Bungy Location

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