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Hit the Queenstown trail network with confidence after exploring the information on the extensive range of mountain bike tracks throughout the Southern Lakes region. A few local tips will be sure to help you plan your ultimate bike holiday in Queenstown!

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Skyline Queenstown is home to New Zealand’s first Gondola assisted bike lift, providing direct access to Queenstown Bike Park.

Ride more with over 25 world class mountain biking trails and varying terrain for all abilities. In amongst the pine trees of the Ben Lomond Reserve, Queenstown Bike Park boasts over 30km of tracks and a longest run of 6km. A 450 metre vertical rise via the Skyline Gondola gives riders easy access to arguably New Zealand's best mountain bike park.

Attach your mountain bike to your Gondola cabin at the Skyline Queenstown base and enjoy the leisurely uphill Gondola ride before detaching your bike and taking on the legendary challenges of the Queenstown Bike Park!

Skyline Queenstown offers a range of Gondola assisted bike passes, from half day to multi-day passes and season passes.

SEASON: September - May
OPEN: 9AM - 5PM [open up until 8PM in peak summer months as daylight allows]
PRICES: Lift passes from $70
More information or to buy bike passes see Skyline Gondola Mountain Bike Pass

Bike Park Quick Facts

  • Top Elevation: 790m
  • Vertical Rise: 450m
  • Longest Run: 6km
  • Tracks: 27 runs in a 30+km trail network
  • Terrain: 30% Green, 20% Blue, 50% Black
  • Gondola Average Incline: 37.1°
  • Gondola Capacity: 1100 people per hour
  • Gondola Maximum Speed: 4m/sec

Queenstown Bike Park Trails Grade

  • Hammy's Track - Grade 2: Green
  • Thunder Goat - Grade 2: Green
  • Hammy's Link - Grade 3: Blue
  • Vertigo - Grade 3: Blue
  • Lazy Vertigo - Grade 3: Blue
  • Original - Grade 3: Blue
  • Single Track Sandwich - Grade 4: Blue
  • Thingymajig - Grade 4: Blue
  • Huck Yeah - Grade 5: Black
  • Battlestag - Grade 5: Black
  • Armageddon - Grade 5: Black
  • Old Original - Grade 5: Black
  • Rock Garden - Grade 5: Black
  • Jungle Adventure - Grade 5: Black
  • Fan Trail - Grade 5: Black
  • Fundy - Grade 5: Black
  • Col Pith - Grade 5: Black
  • KY - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Ants Track - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Grundy - Grade 6: Double Black
  • World Cup - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Hobbit - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Killer Bee - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Jeremy's - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Slippery Ninja - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Drop Garden - Grade 6: Double Black
  • Diesel - Grade 6: Double Black
  • G.S.D - Grade 6: Double Black


Hammy's Track

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we recommend your first run of the day be on Hammy's. Built specifically for the opening of Gondola access to Queenstown Bike Park as an introduction to downhill riding, Hammy's track is a great trail for all abilities. The gradient is mellow, it's wide and smooth and takes in some great views of Ben Lomond and Lake Wakatipu. It's also the longest trail in Queenstown Bike Park at 6km long!

Riding time: 15-30 minutes
Grade: 2 Green

Hammy's Link

Freshly built in 2011: fun, bermed and very fast! A step up from Hammy's, this track is a great follow on once you've had a few runs and are ready for a steeper gradient.

Riding Time: 2-5 minutes 
Grade: 3 Blue 

Thunder Goat

The latest addition to the bike park, this green trail starts from the mid-way clearing and swoops its way down the hill. Wide and flowing with an epic vista of big berms, Lake Wakatipu and the mighty Remarkables. The trail drops out of the open and back into the trees, before sending riders straight back to the gondola terminal to do it all again.

Riding time: 5-10 minutes
Grade: 2 Green


Custom built by Veritgo Bikes owner Tim Ceci in the mid 90's, specifically to run guided mountain biking trips before Gondola access opened. Around 1.5km long, it's a machine built trail with nice and wide but steeper and rougher terrain than Hammy's. Starting from the summit of the Gondola and stretching through to the mid-way clearing, it also features a lot of rollers and small jumps to build your skills.

Riding Time: 5-10 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue

Lazy Vertigo

The original entrance to Vertigo, Lazy lets you bypass the climb up to Hammy's and drops into a fast straight alongside the Zip-Trek line. A few little drops and a steep rocky corner leads you into a series of rollers before crossing the road and rejoining Vertigo. It also allows access to the double black trail World Cup.

Riding time: < 2 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue


As the name suggests, it was one of the first trails ever built in Queenstown Bike Park. It follows the path of gold miners from the late 1800's and now serves a different purpose as a great bike trail. It starts off straight and fast and then hits a few loose corners before hitting some roller-coaster berms. It then heads out of the pine forest into the open overlooking some amazing views of Lake Wakatipu, The Remarkables and Cecil Peak. It ends with some tabletop jumps and a steep chute before joining Hammy's and the Return trail to the Gondola.

Riding Time: 5-10 minutes
Grade: 3 Blue

Single Track Sandwich

A local favourite! Built by the might Alliance in 2009, originally known as 'Turd Sandwich' due to an unfortunate timing of a toilet call on an exploratory scope of a line by an Alliance member. Renamed Single Track Sandwich for the Queenstown Bike Park it is an old school trail with lots of roots with fantastic turns and flow. Watch out for the 'western roll' which more often than not is rutted and muddy, but heaps of fun.

Riding Time: < 5 minutes
Grade: 4 Blue


Sweet singletrack, some steeper sections, optional drops and awesome turns...Thingymajig has a bit of everything. Whip it wide on the final tabletop to impress everyone at the mid-way clearing.

Riding Time: < 5 minutes
Grade: 4 Blue


One of the newer tracks on the hill, but already a classic. The flowy upper section winds through the forest before dropping onto a fire road - giving you the option of pushing up to Thundergoat, or continuing on to the more technical second section.

Riding Time: 1-2 minutes
Grade: 5 Black


A challenging single track with plenty of root and rocks to keep you on your toes. It features some great rock work near the bottom where it merges with Thingymajig.

Riding Time: < 5 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

Rock Garden and Drop Garden

These are both short off-shoot tracks from Vertigo. Rock Garden is as it sounds, a rock garden with a few drops and tight turns to mix it up. Drop Garden splits to the left and is a series of short drops with a seriously steep rock roll leading back towards Vertigo. Watch the road crossing on the exit!

Riding Time: < 2 minutes
Grade: 5 Black 

Jungle Adventure

Rooty and off camber, Jungle Adventure provides an alternative route off Single Track Sandwich. A huge variety of line choices mean that this track rides differently every time. Word to the wise: Jungle Adventure is a seriously challenging ride in the wet!

Riding Time: 2-4 minutes
Grade: 5 Black

Fan Trail

This is the lower third of this double back run that leads you back onto the return trail to the Gondola. Slippery when wet with lots of roots and some muddy, bogged down sections. Scrub the dirt off your back, jump in the Gondola and 'dirt' it all again!

Riding Time: < 5 minutes 
Grade: 5 Black


A slippery, steep track, which will give your brake pads a workout.

Riding Time: Grade: 6 Double Black

Ants Track

This trail goes down...straight down! Old school and gnarly, raw and rooty. Make sure your brake pads are fresh as you'll be using them!

Riding Time: < 5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black


A classic...steep, off camber and slippy! Lots of gnarly sections to test your skills. The track crosses the Skyline access road halfway down and then splits shortly after. Stay right after the road to stay on Grundy and split left to hit Jeremy's track which has some cool drops and tight doubles. Both tracks merge onto Original so watch out for passing traffic.

Riding Time: < 5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

World Cup

The entrance is off Old Vertigo Trail, taking you into the most challenging line on the hill. World Cup features extreme freeride terrain and is recommended for experienced riders only. With drops, gap jumps and steep technical riding, World Cup is the beginning of a series of trails that are sure to test your limits.

Riding Time: < 5 minutes 
Grade: 6 Double Black


Following off from World Cup, the Hobbit takes you into stunning beech forest scenery reminiscent of the scenes found in "The Hobbit" movie. Lots of rocks and drops and a riding experience you will not forget.

Riding Time: < 5 minutes 
Grade: 6 Double Black

Slippery Ninja

Tight and technical, Slippery Ninja will keep you on your toes. A tight rocky entrance leads to a series of challenging chutes, before splitting into two. Traverse on to the midway clearing, or drop to the right for a steeper line on to Fernhill Loop.

Riding Time: 4-6 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black


A series of lines linking Original & Lower Grundy back on to Thundergoat. Drop into the first line and you'll wind through a series of tight, loamy S-bends, emerging just before the road crossing on Thundergoat. The last line will get you to the same place, via a drop.

Riding Time: Grade: 5 Black


One of the most technical tracks on the hill, GSD is a track of multiple personalities: a fast upper section leads into a tight, challenging beech forest section, complete with rock gardens, drops and tricky corners.

Riding Time: 2-5 minutes
Grade: 6 Double Black

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