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Fly without Fear, 1 minute of your life you will never forget!

Fly without Fear, 1 minute of your life you will never forget!

Posted by Stacey Phillips: 4th Sep 2018 @ 09:30:56

Queenstown has been known as the Adrenaline Capital for a long time, but throwing yourself out of planes, and off bridges certainly isn’t for everyone! Queenstown’s latest all-weather attraction has opened up the adrenaline market to a whole new dynamic, all just a few feet off the ground!

When I first saw the words ‘Indoor Skydiving’, I was intrigued although not overly excited. I have been lucky enough to do a few ‘real’ tandem skydives on my travels, so could this really compete? When you start looking into it, the developments in indoor Skydiving are amazing, it’s an incredible artistic sport. There are even talks about getting it into the Paris Olympics! However, impressive videos aside, what can you really achieve in 60 seconds? I went along to find out.

iFly have secured a prime location in Queenstown, just on your way to the Gondola, with over 80 ‘wind tunnels’ around the world, it’s about time NZ got a piece of the action. The initial arrival is much like any Queenstown attraction, checking in, signing waivers, etc etc, but then you go around the corner, and that tingle of excitement really hits you!

In the middle of the room is a 12m diameter tunnel, and if you are lucky, you walk in to see one of iFly’s amazingly talented instructors, well, flying! They show off some of their best tricks, spins, dips, dives and things I don’t even know what to call. When you tear your eyes away, it’s time to get geared up.

iFly provide you with a jumpsuit, helmet and goggles, they have free lockers to put away your valuables, loose items and extra layers, you don’t want anything flying off in the tunnel except you! Then it’s off to the training room, intense as it may sound, the friendly and fun instructors put everyone at ease, going through the hand signals you will need for your time in the tunnel. The main thing is to keep yourself as still as possible in the position demonstrated, but don’t worry, you will always fly with an instructor who will give you 1 on 1 tuition to get you flying perfectly.

The only thing left to do now was fly! Our group took our seats in the outer ring of the tunnel, ready for our 1 by 1 flight time. When it’s time for your turn, step up, fall in and try to remember what you were told! We flew with Flynn, and he helped us throughout, making slight adjustments to our arms to ensure we were flying as stable as possible. Its such a strange feeling, I felt very aware of my body, but no sense of falling at all, yes of course its windy and loud, and your instructor is right there to make sure you are comfortable and flying with as much stability as possible.

For our second flight we opted for the high fly, which is highly recommended! Flynn took us spinning up to the top of the tunnel, where we really got a sense of flight! For this experience your instructor is in control, however it is an amazing taste of what further flight time and training could achieve. 60 seconds is almost a blink of an eye in every day life, but this experience really makes you appreciate how long that really is. It was a great amount of time to get a feel for what it’s all about, to relax into it and demonstrate control. Once you are hooked on this new sport, you can take advantage of the multi flight options and you can start doubling up flight time to give you more practice opportunity when you start learning to turn and move yourself!

When we came out of the tunnel, we were all buzzing with adrenaline and excitement. The huge smiles on everyone’s faces were testament to the experience had, the energy was electric. I cannot fault the staff, their energy, clarity, and expertise were amazing, and the facilities are fantastic.

Whether is be for groups of friends, families, team building events or solo travelers, this experience is recommended for all. Also, the fact that it is not affected by weather or light, makes it a great asset to Queenstown’s already pumping thrill scene!

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