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Dave's Top 5 Queenstown Picks

Dave's Top 5 Queenstown Picks

Posted by Dave Fahey: 29th Oct 2016 @ 21:58:45

When I first decided to share my top 5 Queenstown picks I thought it was going to be a ‘piece of cake’. But then as I started sorting through the countless experiences and activities that I have been fortunate enough to rack up over the past 10 years, my head began to swim. It is almost impossible to compare, evenings spend sprawled out on the front of boats cruising the lake with a beer in hand - to throwing yourself out of a plane - to standing on top of a mountain peak, in pure isolation on one on New Zealands Great Walks. But I've done it, in no particular order, here is Dave’s top 5 picks of things to do in Queenstown.

1. Jetboat the Dart River. New Zealand is the home of jet boating. The inventors, and the pioneers of commercial Jet Boating. I have also spent thousands of hours behind the wheel of these V8 powered thrill machines, doing what I can to help make our visitors time in Queenstown as memorable as possible. Dart River Jet operate trips from Queenstown & boats guests up into the heart of Mt Aspiring National Park. In my opinion its the perfect combination of the purr of twin V8 engines, glacial rivers, snow capped mountains, untouched wilderness, kiwi culture and 360 spins. If you’ve got a full day up your sleeve they also offer the opportunity to Jet Boat up the river and paddle your own way back down in one of their custom inflatable canoes (or Funyaks).

2. Skydive. Throwing yourself out of a perfectly good aeroplane isn't for everyone. But for all those who have tried it I'm sure you will all say it is undoubtedly one of the scariest, yet exhilarating things you have ever done in your life. While not the cheapest activity to do in town the thrill for buck ratio is certainly in your favour. It is always my recommendation to go big or go home. Jumping from 15,000ft offers the longest free fall at 60 seconds. The flight up alone is incredible with ridiculous views across Lake Wakatipu and the basin. Once the door flings open, let the brain turn off and enjoy - it certainly helps that someone is behind you pushing you out of the plane.

3. Ski The Remarkables. With 4 hills to choose from in the surrounding area, everyone will have their favourite. But for me there is no better day than a powder day at The Remarkables. While we don't get powder days everyday, when we do the buzz in town is infectious. There is nothing better than standing in line for the first chair of the day surrounded by others that have also blown off work for the day, just fizzing to slash their first turn. The Remarkables is in a true mountainous basin surrounded by jagged peaks. It provides some of the most iconic views back towards Queenstown. And if you know where to look and are prepared to earn the turn, it provides the best big mountain skiing in Queenstown. This mountain has undoubtedly provided me some of my all-time most enjoyable days in Queenstown, hands down.

4. Skyline Luge. Where kids can be kids, and big kids can run amuck. The Luge is one of the cheapest activities in Queenstown. But in my opinion, if you have got off the Luge without a huge childish smile on your face there is something wrong. There is something to be said for being in control of your own destiny, weaving in and out of other lugers and sweeping around banked corners. If your there with a group it is almost impossible not to get competitive, as you race down the hill. On top of this, the view from up the top of Skyline Gondola and Bobs Peak is exceptional. Whether its summer or winter The Remarkables backdrop is super photogenic and a great backdrop for one of my top 5.

5. Bungy. Along with Jetboating, Queenstown is also the home of Bungy. What better place to through yourself off a bridge with a glorified bra strap around your ankles, than the home of bungy. While the Kawarau Bridge is the original, I would have to stick to my go big or go home values and recommend the Nevis Bungy. At 143 meters it is the biggest in New Zealand, and scares the crap out of this hardened adventure junky. I'm not sure if its the cable car ride out to the pod, the fact that you are jumping from a pod suspended across a canyon by wire cabler or the 143 meter drop. But this one always makes my knees knock. Although not 15,000ft high like a skydive, the fact that you have to physically throw yourself off the bridge, makes Bungy twice as hard. To turn your brain off, bend your knees and hurl yourself into nothingness is a true test of character, and provides one of the most intense adrenaline hits available.

Well thats my top 5 as it stands currently. Part of the perks of the job is our ability to get out in our own back yard and try each and every activity we recommend to you. So who know how this top 5 will look in a couple of years!

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