Ultimate Queenstown


The Nevis Bungy

Posted by Kate Fahey: 10th Nov 2015 @ 16:11:19

After 8 years living in the “adventure capital of the world” I finally did it. 134m high above the Nevis River I took the plunge from a pod suspended in the middle of the rugged Nevis valley. I conquered The Nevis Bungy…The highest Bungy jump in New Zealand!

I have done a Bungy before. I jumped the Kawarau Bungy back in my early 20’s but somehow I had managed to always slink myself out of doing the Nevis, avoiding the subject or finding excuses to turn away invitations. This time there was no getting away with it. I was on site at the Nevis hosting some guests and there it was staring me in the face…The Nevis Bungy. Next thing I knew the crew had me weighed in, signed up and in a harness on the cable car to the pod. Hang on I’m supposed to be watching…

I guess it was quite good thinking “I’m just watching today” because the nerves didn’t have too much time to set in. But once I got on the pod the nervous energy was in full swing. Beats pumping and a whole bunch of American students all egging each other on as they fly off the edge one after another.

Then I heard my name, a big lump in the back of my throat appears and my heart starts pounding. “Have you got anything in your pockets”, says the jumpmaster. I bloody hope not because I’ll never get it back. Through the gates and on to the ‘dentist chair’ for the last few things to be hooked up, the chair wobbles backwards and freaks me out, holy cow I’m really doing this.

Inching my feet close to the edge, the weight of the Bungy cord feels like it’s going to pull me off and then the words I’m dreading…three, two, one…Bungy! I jump and instantly let out a huge scream and hang on I’m still falling. It’s a huge freefall enough time to really take in the enormity of what has just happened. After a bounce at the bottom and a huge rush of adrenalin, I’m ecstatic…I can now say I’ve done it and I must say it was bloody brilliant!

Spring biking is here

Posted by Dave Fahey: 7th Nov 2015 @ 10:49:32

Spring is now well and truly in full flight in the Wakatipu, with winter almost a distant memory. As the snow starts dissipating from the surrounding hills the skis have been pushed to the far corner of the garage and Queenstown is once again alive with bikes.

Summer 2015/16 promises to be another epic year for mountain biking in Queenstown. The Gondola cabins once again have bikes swinging from them, now with three bikes per car to minimise waiting time. More trails have popped up across the hill with the well-publicized jump trail ‘Huck Yeah’ now open to the public and generating maximum stoke. The busy boys and girls at the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club have been working hard securing permission for new trails, while the Wednesday night dig crew have been volunteering their time to create some more trail gold off Fernhill Loop.

Not to be forgotten are all the classics – 7 Mile bike reserve has dried out nicely after winter rains and is rewarding riders with nice tacky ‘hero dirt’. Up Coronet Peak trails are once again emerging from their snowy blanket and while still a bit slick the likes of Coronet XC, Rude Rock, Pack Track and Sack, Skippers and of course Coro Town are providing Queenstowner’s with some epic early season riding, burning lungs and tired legs.

If the rest of the season is anything like the start of it has been I feel sorry for my bike, body and probably my bank account, but man is it going to be good for the sole and of course Atlas Beer Café.

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