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A start like no other

A start like no other

Posted by Dave Fahey: 20th Jul 2015 @ 16:38:39

I am one of the fortunate people that gets to call Queenstown home, and its fairly safe to say that Queenstown has delivered the best early season snow conditions for a decade. Not only did both local hills open on time, but when they did we were skiing POW turns.  And as I say that I can already hear the critics saying "pow" pffff, but when there are no tracks in front of you and the snow is flying off your skis and hitting you in the face, that is pow, and it was glorious.

At the start of every season you hear a lot of talk of snowfall and signs that this year is going to be a good one - "Farmer John's pumpkins are three times the size this year, last time they we like that was back in 96 & we all remember the great snow fall of 96", but this year has delivered more snow days, more dumps of snow in town, more chain days and more smiles than any season I can remember and we are only 6 weeks into it. As we all know the best snow in Queenstown traditionally falls through August & if that's the case it might be time to throw away the job and become a ski bum in my own town, because if it gets that much better we are in for a real treat.

So if you've had that niggling urge in the back of your mind to throw caution to the wind and book yourself in for some Queenstown ski therapy, then I can't help but think that perhaps this is the year to do it. After all you would hate to say you missed out on one of the greats?

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