Ultimate Queenstown

Avoid the rush

Avoid the rush

Posted by David Fahey: 10th Oct 2014 @ 07:11:20

While not always possible, the thought of travelling through shoulder seasons should always be considered & Queenstown is no exception.

We all know that New Zealand is famous for dishing out 4 seasons in one day & if you don’t mind working alongside Mother Nature’s plans then October/November is a cracker time to hit up the best Queenstown has to offer.

So far this month I have basked in full spring sunshine in no more than shorts and a t-shirt, while in the same week have donned the winter jacket and walked the pooch through snow flurries. As Queenstown sees the first rays of the spring sun, a new burst of life is given to the area. With trees now in full blossom, a green glow returning to the hills and the mountains still capped in a full winter coverage of snow every corner you turn is picture post card.

On top of the stunning vistas is the lack of summer crowds. Pick any activity form your list and availability is almost guaranteed. Small groups means a more personal experience & a seat at the bar will probably see you preached next to a local, more than happy to impart some of their local knowledge.

Shoulder seasons are also a great time to take full advantage of off peak rates, helping make the dollar go a little further & scaring yourself one more time possible. It’s also a great time to be on the roads exploring further afield. The lack of cars on the roads makes inter town travel quicker, and possible a little less frustrating without the lines of motor homes to deal with.

So while you may have to be a little more flexible with your plans to cater for the weather factor, shoulder season travel to Queenstown is one of my small pieces of advice to further enhance your Ultimate Queenstown experience.

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