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Queenstown Winter - No need to put the bike away.

Queenstown Winter - No need to put the bike away.

Posted by Dave Fahey: 11th May 2014 @ 19:57:07

While summer has now drawn to a close and daylight has drastically diminished, there is no need to put the bike into retirement yet!

Last week saw another summer of shred up Skyline sent off in style with a sizable crew of local pinners in fancy dress completing the now eagerly awaited closing day mega train. It was great to see Skyline kick in some cash in 2014 for the inclusion of the super-fast and flowey Thundergoat trail from the clearing, which is also a great way to avoid the heavy legged pedal along the return track. QMTBC also delivered the goods once again with the development of another great loamy, hand built tech track 'GSD' led by all round club GC Fraser Gordon. 

Further trail development by the club and trail sensation Tom Hey @ Extra Mile Trail Building, saw Coronet Peak turned into the ultimate Enduro playground with Pack Track & Sack linking the ever popular Rude Rock trail to old school classic Skippers Pack Track. A new wee extension to the Lake Dispute trail seemed to pop up overnight and meant the slog through the infamous uphill grass paddock is now rewarded with some burmed goodness as you return to 7 Mile. And those cheeky Wednesday night digs meant that everything that had seen epic amounts of traffic over summer stayed in good nick, and tidied up for winter.

For many as the season change the desire to bike doesn’t diminish & that is where Queenstown riding comes into its own. While the higher alpine tracks disappear under a blanket of snow, it is time to head for the foothills & into the shelter of the forest where the brown pow delivers all year round. With no restrictions on trial use & some excellent drainage there are still ample opportunities to pull the bike out of the shed over these frosty winter weekends. 

If trashy winter TV is wearing you down, head into R&R Sports grab yourself a night light, throw the excuses aside and jump on the bike after work. Keep an eye on the club Facebook page as there is always a crew of riders keen to head out any night of the week to get their weekly Skyline fix or to smash out some laps at 7 Mile. Look at any hill around Queenstown on a winter’s night to see the flicker of lights winding their way through the trails of Queenstown, powered by riders determined to keep the wheels in motion all year round. If you’re feeling really keen there is always the opportunity to join the Wednesday night digging crew, where one has the ability to put their own personal mark on the Queenstown trail network.

While ski fever is running strong through my veins, the passion to bike is still too strong to put the trusty steed out to pasture yet. So for now daylight riding is limited to weekends and the lights are already out for some quality Queenstown night riding.

See ya out there.


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