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Queenstown Mountain Bike Club - Trail Diggers

Queenstown Mountain Bike Club - Trail Diggers

Posted by Dave Fahey: 13th Feb 2014 @ 20:11:19

It’s no secret that the Queenstown mountain bike scene has boomed out of control in the past couple of years. It doesn’t take long when walking the streets of Queenstown to see someone flying past sporting a brightly coloured ‘Dirt is the new Snow’ t-shirt.

One of the keys to this new biking boom is the continual and rapid development of the trails in the Wakatipu. While we have all heard a lot about Queenstown Bike Park with epic Gondola accessed downhill tracks and the well-publicised Wakatipu Trail, a silent achiever chips away – literally!

While most return from work and frantically grab bikes from the shed, a dedicated team of a few are quickly throwing down a snack and loading the car with tools. The individuals I refer to belong to the rapidly growing Queenstown Mountain Bike Club – QTMBC. Wednesday nights see this small group of QMTBC members pass on biking for an evening in favour of moving dirt. Not a single dollar will pass hands and yet stoke levels are high as they work towards a common goal and the promise of a cold Speight’s at the end of the dig. Many of you will ask why? And the answer is as simple as the question – they love it! They love to ride trail, and they love to ride new trails more. They love to see people stoked on riding trail, but the ultimate reward is the feeling of flowing effortlessly around a berm that you sculpted with your own hands.

At the leading edge of this is club president and long-time trail builder Tom Hey. Tom is often found wondering aimlessly around the hills of Queenstown looking for the next piece of hillside to turn into trail gold. But don’t be mistaken, it is not just as simple as finding a hill and cutting a trail. Before the first piece of dirt has been turned there is always countless hours of negotiating DOC consents, liaising with private land owners and route planning that must happen.

In the last 18 months we have seen three new QMTBC lead trails pop up around the basin – B.o.B, Gold Digger and Rude Rock - and many more ideas on the cards and floating around heads of local riders. The best thing is that no experience is needed to muck in and help. Under the leadership of experienced diggers anyone young or old, local or visiting, boy or girl can experience the satisfaction of contributing to the ever-growing Queenstown trail network. Tools are also provided by the club and a cold beer and good banter can always be found too.

So next time you’re in Queenstown riding, why not jump on the QMTBC Facebook page and come join a Wednesday night trail dig.

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