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Frisbee Golf Queenstown - Free for all!

Frisbee Golf Queenstown - Free for all!

Posted by Dave Fahey: 12th Feb 2014 @ 19:55:53

One of the questions I constantly hear from visitors to Queenstown, right after "Where is Fergburger?" is "So what's this Frisbee Golf that I keep hearing so much about?"

Answer typically is that "it's the best free activity that you can do in Queenstown". So for those of you who don't know what Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf is, here’s a quick rundown on what, where and how to make it happen.

First thing you need is a Frisbee or Disc, there is numerous ways you can acquire these. Either ask your hostel reception, get one off the guys at Watersports rentals on the lakefront for a gold coin donation, or hit up one of the local sports shops where a disc will cost you around $20.

Once armed with a Frisbee of your choice head to the Queenstown Gardens – which is located on the peninsula to the left of Queenstown Bay if you're looking towards the lake.

At the eastern end you will find a white rotunda and just opposite that a large sign marking out the course, holes, start & finish points and some Frisbee Golf quick tips.

From here you effectively follow the course maps and signs and just like golf make your way around the 18 hole course. All holes have directional markers and distance gauges so you know where you’re heading. The final target varies a little though from purpose built Frisbee Golf nets to trees or rocks you need to strike with the disk.

As you wander round the course simply count how many shots it takes you from tee off to achieving the hole and just like the real thin measure this against the par rating set out for each hole.

Once armed with a disc every round is free and the course is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A great activity to enjoy on a hot summer day with a cold beer in hand. Remember though that many of the holes are within throwing distance of the lake & many rogue disc have had to be retrieved by underwear clad swimmers!

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